About Us

Join Altitude Riders for a one-of-a-kind tour through remote regions and villages in the mountains of Nepal.

Altitude Riders was started in 2018 by brothers Vishu Sajali and Jagdish Sijali. Born in Manali, India, both brothers joined the tourism industry at a young age. They worked their way up from helpers to guides, both leading expeditions through the mountains of Nepal. After Vishu completed a motorbike tour in India, he discovered his passion for motorbike expeditions, and Altitude Riders were formed.

Altitude Riders specializes in high-altitude and off-the-beaten-path adventures. The western reaches of Nepal are pristine and undeveloped. As a result, paved roads are few and far between. Our routes traverse a myriad of uncharted roads, some considerably rougher than others. Our paths have a few challenging sections, but nothing an intermediate, or ambitious novice, motorcycle rider can’t handle. Be prepared for more dirt than pavement, and revel in the adventure of riding the path less traveled.

Ride with us as we journey through remote regions and villages, far from modern civilization. You will see a part of the world that few foreigners have seen. Join us and our team of guides, mechanics, and cooks through unmapped routes in Nepal. The only thing that’s missing will be a paved road!

Our Team

Vishu Sijali


Vishu Sijali, our fearless leader and founder, began working in the trekking industry at the age of fifteen. He worked his way up the ranks from a helper to a mountain climbing guide and has even summited Mount Everest from the Tibet side. Not to mention, he’s a licensed paragliding pilot. His first motorbike tour was from Shimla to Spitti Valley in India, and it changed the course of his life. After discovering his passion for motorbike journeys, he founded Altitude Riders which combined his love of guiding people through the mountains with his love for bike expeditions. Vishu Sijali lives and breathes adventure and has the unique ability to create trips that make you feel like you’re traveling with an old friend.

Jagdish Sijali


Jagdish Sijali lives in the United Kingdom and is the co-founder of Altitude Riders. He’s an expert guide for trekking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. He’s completed medical first aid training with Dr. Jim Duff who is a specialist in altitude sickness (AMS). Jagdish has led many treks through the high passes of the Everest Region of Nepal and northern India and is an experienced high-altitude tour leader.

Ganga Rai

Team caption

For more than 20 years, Ganga Rai played host to the world’s most ambitious adventurers. Previously, his job had been to route and care for mountaineers and Sherpas on expeditions through the highest peaks in the world. From Everest Base Camp to the high passes of India, Ganga knows expedition life better than anyone.

Man Bahadur Rai

Senior Chef & Sirdar (Chief)

Man Bahadur Rai is our senior chef. With 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, he’s an absolute pro. Not only is he a fantastic cook, he can also play the Madal (Nepalese drum) and loves to dance. No matter the terrain, Man Bahadur Rai knows how to settle in and make a comfortable home anywhere we find a piece of flat land.

Ram Rai

Senior Chef

Ram Rai is originally from the Sankhuwasabha District in eastern Nepal. He has worked in the tourism industry for over 20 years and is an excellent cook. Ram can be a bit shy, but his cooking speaks for itself. With Ram on the team, you’ll never need to worry about your next meal.

Parsu Ram Rai

Senior Chef

Parshu Ram Rai is our senior chef who has over 30 years of experience. He’s done many high-altitude treks and expeditions in Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan, and Pakistan. Not only is he a fantastic chef, he’s also a wonderful dancer and singer who is sure to make the journey a little more entertaining.

Purna Rana Magar


With 15 years of experience, Purna Rana Magar is one of our cooks. He’ll make sure that you’re never short of a hot meal during your trip. Originally from the Solu Kumbu region of Nepal, he has experience working on high-altitude treks and expeditions in Nepal, India and Tibet.

Susan Rana (Kancha Bai)

Kitchen Helper

Susan Rana is a little shy, but you’ll always find him with a smile on his face. With 10 years of experience in the trekking industry, he’s been to many places throughout Nepal and India. Originally from the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal, he’s a hard worker who helps to make each trip go smoothly.

Raj Kumar

Senior Mechanic

They say it is not an adventure until something goes wrong. For our travels, that often means the occasional mechanical breakdown. What would stop other tour companies in their tracks is a minor inconvenience for our travelers because we employ one of the best mechanics in the business. Raj Kumar is our head mechanic and a master of field fixes. His ability to diagnose and repair a Royal Enfield motorbike is impressive. How he can do it so quickly defies logic. Raj ensures any breakdowns we endure are opportunities to take a break while he goes into action.

Arjun (Kale Bhair)


Originally from Dhorpatan, Nepal, Arjun is one of our skilled mechanics. The roads of Nepal are rough and mechanical problems are almost guaranteed. Our mechanics are able to diagnose problems on the go and fix them quickly. Arjun is known for being loyal and a hard worker, and he ensures our trips run without delay.

Chitra Cinjapati


Chitra Cinjapati is our 4×4 support vehicle driver. He has 12 years of driving experience in the hills of Nepal including off roading. He drives all of our equipment and ensures that everyone’s belongings arrive to camp on time.

Bir Bahadur (Biru)


Biru Bahadur has 22 years of experience driving in India and Nepal on windy dirt roads that are off-the-beaten-path. He’s not only an excellent driver, but also a wonderful cook who makes delicious Indian dishes

Hari Rashkoti


Hari Rashkoti has been with us for three years working as a driver. He is excellent at driving on rough terrain and is very funny and entertaining. He’s a hard worker who adds value and fun to our team.